House Party Wiki

A list of achievements available in House Party.

Achievement Description
Social Butterfly Meet all of the characters at the party in one playthrough.
Ashley Complete Ashley's story by helping her prank her sister!
Drunk and Disorderly: Ashley Get Ashley drunk and on a path of destruction!
Smooth Operator: Ashley Smooth talk your way into Ashley's affection without completing her main storyline.
Rachael Complete Rachael's storyline and win her affection.
Katherine Complete Katherine's main storyline and help her get back at her boyfriend.
Newcomer: Vickie Get Vickie Vixen to show up at the party.
Vickie Complete Vickie's main storyline for a "hot" ending.
Amy: Scavenger Hunt Complete Amy's Scavenger Hunt path.
Amy Complete Amy's main storyline and win her affection.
Duck n' Weave Avoid Frank AND Derek's fists at the same time for at least 60 seconds. (No locking doors!)
First Impressions Strip at the door and make your first impression to every party goer in the nude. (Vickie Not Needed)
Ice Bath Get on the "shit list" of every girl at the party. (Vickie Not Needed)
Inspector Inspect at least 30 items in one playthrough.
Smooth Operator: Madison Sweet talk your way into unlocking the special social ability of the vaunted dumpster raccoon.
Drunk and Disorderly: Madison Give Madison a few and see what happens when she takes on the persona of her favorite reality TV star.
Drunk and Disorderly: Stephanie Give Steph some liquid courage and find out what she REALLY thinks of her boss!
Stephanie Say no to milk, drink school, and help Stephanie discover her true calling in life.
The Muse: Madison Show off your artistic skills and ruin a friendship to get a reward from Madison!
The Muse: Derek Take the high road by not sleeping with Madison and experience the wonders of friendship with Derek.
Rule 34 Yeah I can, but why would you?
Howz It Goin Dood Experience a magical, non-violent, artistic moment with Frank.
Relentless Outside of "Derek Smash!", get Patrick beaten up 5 times in one playthrough.
Do You Smell Blood? Give Frank a concussion, then take advantage of the situation and free the booze!
Caught in the Act Get caught by another character in the middle of some sexy time!
Party Pooper Experience a better life through chemistry, and shed six pounds at the same time! Thanks Laxapas!
The Brahdyssey Politely listen to all of Patrick's epic backstory.
I'll Be Back Unlock CompuBrah, learn about Patrick’s businesses, and maybe, just maybe stop a Skynet situation from playing out.
If at First You Don't Succeed... Throw a dildo at it. Obviously. Do we have to tell you everything?
Benedict Brahrnold Give Patrick Rachael's death mix and do what it takes to shut down his site!
A Striking Resemblance Get to the bottom of Patrick and Rachael's drama, and help Pat win her over!
Notice Me, Sensei Provide a little inspiration, a bit of fitness guidance, and a nutritional treat to increase Leah's power level.
La Coochadora Stoke the fires of rivalry within Brittney by giving her an extremely fishy gift.
Derezzed They're smarter than they look! Experience the Easter Egg ending of Lety's content.
Te Amo Lety Complete the Opportunity "Viva La Lety".
The Elder Brahs Reverse pickpocket an item into Patrick's pants during "Disrupt the Disruptor".
Simple Geometry Successfully interrupt Leah and Lety's conversation with a popper, from very long range.
The Harder They Fall...Dood Defeat Frank 1-on-1 without any sparring or combat training.
The Bride Help Leah bring the serpent to a swift end, and reap the rewards...
Ronin Convince Leah to abandon her lawful ways...and survive!
Sucker Punch Punch Frank, Derek, and Patrick when they’re not looking and not in combat, all in one playthrough.
Money Shot Peg Frank with a sex toy while he is dancing on the roof. Not peg...hit. You get it.
I Know Grump-Fu Help the Game Grumps leave the party using the magic of virtual reality!
Do Not Burn Do the opposite of this, and get the Game Grumps onto their noble steeds! Yeehaw, and stuff.
IRL Let's Player Watch the Game Grumps cause a scene 8 times in one playthrough. Don't forget to subscribe, thumbs up, rate me, updoot, etc.
D-Club Certified Get Frank to join the D-Club.
Casanova Reach a...climactic moment with four ladies in one playthrough.
Casabrova Reach a...climactic moment with two men in one playthrough.
Good Ol' Days Complete 'Memory Lane' and convince Derek you take your past as seriously as he does.
Snapped Uncover the fate of Purgalicious and present the evidence to Derek.
Beyond the Call of Dude-y Really give Frank something to cherish...for instance, a fully naked picture of Katherine.
Good Riddance! Crush Frank's self-esteem and his notions about manhood to the point where he can't take it anymore! Buh bye, dude!
Against All Odds For once, make love, not war with Frank.
Now It's a Party! Liven up the scenery by getting three or more partygoers to enjoy the rest of the night while showing varying amounts of skin.