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Amy is a character in House Party. She gives the multi-part opportunity Scavenger Hunt. She is also a potential sexual partner.

Background and Personality[]

"Amy’s alright-she’s like the youngest one here I think. Don’t get me wrong, bro-she’s legal. Patrick ran a background check and everything. She’s tryna join a sorority. Banger Wanger Delta, or some shit. Word is, she’s gotta do a scavenger hunt to get in, though." -Compubrah on Amy

Amy, age 21, is originally from Ricci, Rhode Island [1]. She reminisces of her time there, drinking hot chocolate and sitting by a fire in her back yard. She recently moved to this town and is eager to make friends. To that end, she is pledged to a sorority at her community college.

She enters the party unfamiliar with the guests at the party, save for Derek, with whom she shared a few classes this past semester.

Her father is an art museum curator, and her mother is an award-winning photographer. She is a huge fan of music, particularly of the band Panic! at the Disco, having seen them in concert twice in the last two weeks, while also hating boy bands in general. She also has ADD, for which she has a prescription for the stimulant Hyperall.

Relationships with Other Guests[]

Amy is closest with Derek, finding him attractive, and considers him to be her closest male friend at the party. She is concerned about Derek's recent problems with his brother. She will go out of her way to join Derek if he needs her help, but stops short of assisting with select opportunity-related problems (see The Muse).

Brittney finds Amy to be the most attractive person at the party, and can confess to being curious to see what's underneath Amy's shirt. The attraction is discovered to be mutual. See also: Scavenger Hunt.

Katherine judges Amy harshly if asked to help with the scavenger hunt. Amy can returns the judgment in kind. Arin can comment if he overhears their exchange.

Amy also shared an obnoxious interaction with Katherine before the Player's arrival at the party. As such, she can suggest that Katherine can be the subject of a medical emergency that could help Stephanie to discover her own abilities.

Leah thinks that Amy might have knowledge of katanas because of Amy's Asian heritage, even though she is of Chinese descent, not Japanese. Amy is mildly offended, albeit jokingly, if questioned about the katana's background.

If Madison has her phone, Amy eagerly asks for her social network information so they can converse. She can then see (or infer) that Madison has adult content on her phone and comment on it. See also: Sibling Warfare.

Patrick is curious about the goings-on at sorority parties, having already formed his own fantasies about them. Amy can be distracted by Patrick's erection, which Patrick credits to "Trucker pills".

Amy can stub her toe in the dining room with Stephanie present. Stephanie will offer advice of dubious value, which can help trigger Stephanie's opportunity "Follow Your Calling". She will also be present during Stephanie's later opportunity "Apply Pressure".

Walkthrough Amy (v.0.13.3)[]

See also: Scavenger Hunt (Amy Opportunity)

The reward for this walkthrough are either a one*time blowjob by or a repeatable fuck with Amy. Side story rewards can include a blowjob by Frank and seeing Ashley naked. This walkthrough competes with the walkthrough of Brittney ending in both getting completely naked.


  • Get the credit card from the living room (where Frank is sitting) out of the right drawer of the computer table. (Don't let Derek or Madison see you).
  • Get the mug from the shelf next to the slider door in the kitchen and fill it with water ("use with" with the faucet in the kitchen).
  • Get the paper next to the laptop in the study room.
  • Get the chocolate bar from the top shelf in the study room and use it with the water mug.
  • Get the pencil from the desk in the skybed room.

Going for Amy[]

Opportunity: "Talk to Derek"[]

  • Approach Derek, you don't need to say anything.

Opportunity: "Scavenger Hunt" (1/8)[]

  • Approach Amy and introduce yourself and ask why she is so reclusive.
  • Tell her that you like scavenger hunts and offer your help.
  • Approch her a second time and take a look at the list.
  • Hand over the credit card.

Opportunity: "Scavenger Hunt" (2/8)[]

Includes opportunities: "Return Madison's Phone", "Ashley's Wet", "A Change of Heart", "Invasion of Privacy"

  • Approach her again and take a look at the scavenger hunt's list.
  • Go to Derek, ask him whether Frank is gay.
  • Tell Derek you are not into Frank
  • Hand over the phone to Madison and ask for reward, accept to humiliate Ashley.
  • Ask Ashley why she is distracted, ask how you can help with this beer accident, tell her she is still adorable.
  • Further tell her that she is hotter than Madison, that she is the co*host of this party, promise to help Brittney.
  • Hand over the towel and accept to get Madison's diary.
  • Go into the master bedroom, next to the window there is a desk with a mirror.
  • Click on "use with" to use the gastronomy book, paper and pencil to get the safe combination.
  • Open the safe in the master bedroom closet and retrieve the diary.
  • Hand over the diary to Ashley.
  • Ask her whether you have earned her trust now and follow her into the sky bed room.
  • Approach her and offer to wash her clothes.
  • Give her the Blue Flower
  • Approach her a second time and ask for her panties [only possible when having status "BFF" and "Love"]
  • Put Ashley's clothes into the washer and wait until the sound stops.
  • Then put them out of the washer and insert them into the dryer. Don't put the panties in the washer.
  • Find Frank and state that you saw someone with alcohol.
  • Agree to assist in a sting operation with him, he will come find you in one minute, so wait about 30 seconds before proceeding.
  • Hand over the clean clothes to Ashley, work quickly, Frank is coming!
  • Request a reward from Ashley.
  • Frank will walk in and express his disgust, then leave.
  • Return to Frank and ask if he still thinks you're gay.
  • Hand over the condom to Amy.
  • Wait till she is close to the chimney room or ask Derek about Amy. After Derek tells you that Amy likes Panic at the Disco, approach her again. Tell her that the song reminds you of the one of Panic at the Disco and that they are okay, but not the best.

Opportunity: "Scavenger Hunt" (3/8)[]

  • Approach her and take a look at the scavenger hunt's list.
  • Ask Derek for his shirt and tell him there is a petition going around.
  • Go to the living room (where Frank sits) and click on the PC to create the petition.
  • Click on the printer next to it and print the petition.
  • Talk to every person at the party about the petition.
    • Amy: You have to sign it.
    • Frank : Its for reestablishing prohibition.
    • Stephanie: The prettiest signature wins.
    • Katherine: Its to castrate all men.
    • Brittney: Its for a free the nipples campaign.
    • Ashley: Its for Derek to take his shirt off.
    • Patrick: Offer to help him out and tell him that its a surprise petition.
    • Rachael: Tell her that everything is cool and that its for Derek to take his shirt off.
    • Leah: Tell her it's for that we all want Derek to get his shirt off.
    • Madison: You have to talk to her at the end.
      • Say that she is doing fine, say that brownie points are the way bakers keep score and say goodbye.
      • Get close to her after you've talked to everyone at the party (and unlocked some opportunities unrelated to the Amy quest) and she will approach you.
      • Tell her that you have many questions and that Derek is searching you (to end the conversation)
      • Approach her again and ask to sign the petition to make Derek lift his shirt.
  • Hand over the petition to Derek.
  • Hand over the shirt to Amy.

Opportunity: "Scavenger Hunt" (4/8)[]

  • Approach Amy again and take a look at the list.
  • Hand over Ashley's panties to Amy.

If you continue at this point, you will miss the opportunity of getting Amy and Brittney completely naked.

  • Take a look at the list again, tell Amy to fuck the sorority and keep her dignity.
  • Approach her again, ask her about her sorority and accept to visit her at the fire pit.
  • Go to the kitchen and inspect the microwave.
  • Wait a few moments, Katherine will approach and tell you that she has fixed the microwave.
  • Use the microwave with the chocolate and water in mug and wait until its done.
  • Ask Amy what she will do now that she's not joining the sorority. Agree to follow her to the fire pit.
  • Hand over the hot chocolate to Amy at the fire pit.
  • Approach her again and tell her that the fire is relaxing, that you seek the company of interesting people and that you want to get to know her better.
  • Tell her that it is not about where she is, but who, ask her to go somewhere private and that it was a pleasure to meet her.
  • Follow her into the sky bedroom and ask her about having a little bit of fun.
  • Now you have to undress her by repeatedly asking for some fun and taking off the respective clothes.

Additional Information[]

- If you grab her breast during cowgirl or missionary, she will ask you how her breasts feel. If you answer that they are perfect, her orgasm meter will fill by a considerable amount