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Arin is a character in House Party.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Arin's walkthrough is identical to Dan's. Neither of them are able to get nude or perform any sort of sexual acts upon you, with each other or with the other characters, at least not legitimately.

Preparation[edit | edit source]

-Take the camera on the mirror shelf in the master bedroom.

-Go to the SD card right to the laptop in the study room and press "use with", select the camera.

-Take the USB stick from inside the closet in the study room.

-Go into the garage and take the cell phone jammer. --Note: Make sure the garage door is closed when you take it and neither Derek, Madison or Frank can see you.

-Get the broom out of the painting room's closet.

-Use the broom with the briefcase on top of the gazebo.

Opportunities: "Katherine needs a drink" & "Look at this photograph"[edit | edit source]

- Approach Katherine (either in the Kitchen or Outside)

- Tell her that we use the word "need" outside its intended purpose, ask why she keeps looking at her phone, who could ever be mean to her and ask for a drink.

- Ask her what kind of drink she likes.

- Ask Frank whether he will guard the alcohol all night long and what he thinks about Katherine.

- Approach Katherine and select all options except for the one with the glasses.

- Tell Frank that you were chatting with Katherine and accept to hand over a topless pic of her.

Opportunity: "Katherines dilemma"[edit | edit source]

- Tell Katherine about the deal.

- Stand next to her, open the inventory by pressing "I", select the cell phone jammer and press "turn on" (She won't see you).

- Wait for Katherine to complain and follow her upstairs into the master bedroom.

- Turn off the cell phone jammer again before she starts complaining again and ask her about taking a picture.

- Tell her to strip off (need to select both options)

- Tell her to pick any pose.

- Open the inventory with "I", select the camera and take at least one picture of her.

- Tell her to take a break when finished.

- Hand over the camera to Frank and take the rum about of the cabinet.

Opportunity: "Express yourself"[edit | edit source]

- Hand over the rum to Katherine --NOTE: If you don't spike the rum with the laxatives, then you wont be able to get the opportunity to have sex with Stephanie. Doing so however will not allow you to bring in the Game Grumps.

- Talk to Katherine and ask her about her boyfriend.

- Ask Katherine to finish her story now.

- Talk to her again and take a swig of rum.

- Keep talking to her again.

- Wait 1-2 Minutes, talk to her again when she is completely drunk. She will tell you her plan to get the grumps to the party.

Opportunity: "Game Jam"[edit | edit source]

- Give Katherine the phone jammer.

- Head out into the backyard and turn the phone jammer on. Wait outside for at least 5 minutes as the hot air balloon starts to slowly approach.

Opportunity: "Return of the Grumps"[edit | edit source]

- Once Arin and Dan land in the backyard, turn off the jammer and approach them to automatically talk to you.

- Take the Starbomb Box from the ground of the yard.

--NOTE: Completing the rest of the opportunities will eventually lead them to leaving the party and not returning, but obviously you wouldn't want that.

Development[edit | edit source]

Arin is based off the real-life internet personality Arin Hanson, co-host of Game Grumps, and is also voiced by him. Arin, along with Dan and Lety, were the winners of a competition held by Eek! Games to vote for people to be immortalized as characters in the game, with winners announced on November 2nd, 2018.[1] A sneak preview image of Arin was shared via the Eek! Games Twitter on October 12th, 2019.[2]

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