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Brittney is a character in House Party. While she presents herself as reserved and modest, she can be convinced to open up to the rest of the party.

Brittney's exclusive opportunity is Breast Diversion, but she is involved with Amy's Scavenger Hunt and Lety's Try Anything Once opportunities. She is also the main subject of the custom story "Date Night with Brittney".

Background and Personality[]

"Brittney, the Southern Belle! I like her, man. She’s pretty quiet, reserved and shit, but lemme tell you, she’s got a wild side. You just gotta make her feel more confident, and after that she’s the life of the party." -Compubrah character description

Hailing from Louisiana, Brittney is typically conservative and modest, with a hint of self-superiority that is tempered by a generally kind nature. She is insecure about her appearance, having just purchased a new top to accentuate her breasts while also being self-conscious about the attention it would draw.

Brittney is bisexual even if she is mainly attracted by others women.

Brittney grew up with an abusive upbringing: she was a member of a doomsday cult where she lived in a bomb shelter with other children, dealing with various heavy pest infestation issues. In this cult, she was forced to act as "prey" in an annual "hunt", where she was forced to fight for her own survival. These experiences left her with PTSD and unresolved emotional trauma.

As a young adult, Brittney's school was in the back of a military surplus store, where she was teased for her full bust by other students. Later, she joined the Female Mud Wrestling League, where she developed a rivalry with fellow wrestler La Coochadora. As of the party, this rivalry is unresolved, and Brittney still watches for signs of her rival's return.

Character Interactions[]

Brittney has an attraction to Amy, and can be convinced to skinny dip in the Hot Tub during Amy's Scavenger Hunt opportunity.

Ashley is aware of Brittney's insecurity, and hopes for her to get over her insecurity and enjoy herself at the party.

If the Game Grumps are at the party, and Brittney is still in the Study Room, they will attempt to cheer her up through their antics.

Lety sees Brittney as an opportunity to experience her idea of a "typical" party event: homosexual experimentation. This is covered in Lety's Try Anything Once opportunity.

Madison dismisses Brittney's insecurity, citing her own willingness to show off her less-ample cleavage. She goes so far as to recommend that the Player not play "the good samaritan" with Brittney, as there would be nothing to gain with Brittney being a lesbian.

Patrick entrusts his phone with Brittney during the party. She will return it only to him, and only if she can tell that he is not drunk. He also believes that Brittney should not worry about her breasts, as "big titties used to be considered a sign of power in olden days."

It can be revealed that Stephanie and Brittney once had a make-out session that lasted all night. Stephanie discounts it as drunken randomness, while Brittney is hurt and disappointed to hear her say that.

Walkthrough (v.0.13.1)[]

The reward for this walkthrough will be that both Brittney and Amy will get competely naked.


  • Follow the Amy walkthrough until the opportunity "Chasing Amy".
  • Get the speaker left to the chimney in the chimney room.
  • Retrieve the whipped cream out of the fridge.
  • Tamper the thermostat next to the garage door.
  • Get the bathroom skeleton key from the shelf in the garage (at the wall behind the TV in the chimney room).
  • Get the broom out of the painting room's closet.
  • Get the wine bottle from the laundry room's closet.

Going for Amy and Brittney[]

Opportunity: "Scavenger Hunt" (5/8)[]

Includes opportunities: "I'm not Whipped Bro", "Let's lower some Inhibitions" & "Breast Diversion".

  • Approach Amy and take a look at the scavenger hunt list.
  • Encourage her to complete the scavenger hunt and join the sorority.
  • Approach Amy again and take a look at the scavenger hunt list.
  • Talk to Stephanie and say that she looks like she is having a lot of fun, offer her to get some whip-its.
  • Hand over the whipped cream.
  • Approach her again and ask her to dance topless.
  • Tell Patrick that he should watch out for Frank and about the wine bottle in his hand.
  • Tell Frank that Patrick hides some alcohol from him.
  • Retrieve the bottle of wine Patrick left by pulling up your virtual hand by pressing "contr" and carrying it out of the view of Frank.
  • Hand over both bottles of wine and ask Stephanie again whether she wants to dance topless.
  • Approach Brittney and ask whether she is okay and whether she is kidding.
  • Approach her again and say "here are you all by yourself".
  • Approach her a third time and tell her that Stephanie is dancing topless downstairs.
  • Go behind the pool, press "use with" for the mount of dirt with broom.
  • Click on the broom and use it with the speaker.
  • Click on the speaker and turn it on.
  • Tell Stephanie that you set up a speaker outside near the hot tub.
  • Wait until Brittney is outside and dancing, approach her and offer her to relax in the hot tub.
  • Stay close to her and wait until she enters the pool (to see her underwear).
  • Approach Amy and tell her about Brittney's underwear.
  • Wait for her to snap the photo

Opportunity: "Scavenger Hunt" (6/8)[]

  • Approach Amy and take a look at the scavenger hunt list.
  • Ask Madison about Goodbye Kitty underwear, say your sister is a huge fan and that she will be glad to hear she's not the only fan in town.
  • Go into the garage and retrieve the Goodbye Kitty underwear from the orange box below the motor oil.
  • Hand over the underwear to Amy.

** You can follow her to the upstairs bathroom, unlock the door and open it to see her in the new underwear

or simply wait until she enters the hot tub **

Opportunity: "Scavenger Hunt" (7/8)[]

  • Approach Amy and take a look at the list.
  • Meet Brittney in the pool and ask her about Amy; bet that she can get Amy naked into the pool.
  • Tell Amy about your deal with Brittney and then ask her to join you in the pool.
  • Put your clothes off (except boxers) and take a sit in the hot tube.
  • Ask Amy for truth or dare, ask her whether she ever had something with another woman.
  • Ask her again who she wants to see naked at this party.
  • Ask Brittney for truth or dare, ask her whether she has kissed another woman.
  • Ask her again about her secret crush.
  • Dare Brittney to take her top and then her panties off.
  • Dare Amy to do the same.
  • Take off your boxers and take a sit again.
  • Approach Amy and tell her to take a picture.
  • Follow Amy and ask her why she left the pool so quick, tell her that it is right if she enjoys it and that she should not listen to the voice in her head.

Opportunity: "Try Anything Once"[]

This is part of Lety's opportunities and a one-time chance to receive a blowjob. Complete Lety's tasks to reach this.

  • Talk to Lety and ask her to meet Brittney. Then tell her to offer her the Chilli Peppers.
  • Follow Lety to Brittney and she'll begin conversing with her. When she gives Brittney the peppers, Brittney will get up and they'll both begin to make-out. They might close the door on you if you're in the study but quickly open the door to either watch or talk to them to ask for either Lety or Brittney to give you a blowjob. Whilst Brittney blows you, you can ask Lety to masturbate. --Note: Getting a blowjob and orgasming will help increase your stamina.

Walkthrough Date Night With Brittney (Custom Story)[]


  • Talk to Bk