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Although you can interact with all characters that are in the game, you can not build up a romantic relationship with all of them. In order to do so, you will have to complete different quests for them. But be careful: Some quests have negative side effects on other characters. Also you can't complete all opportunities within one gameplay since several ones are contradicting. Save at the right time to fully enjoy the scope of this game!

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Amy is from Rhode Island and quite recently moved to this location. Eager to join a sorority, she undertakes a scavenger hunt which will be over the day after the party, your help is therefore highly appreciated. Derek mentioned that is totally obsessed by the band "Panic at the Disco".



Arin, together with Dan, are the members of the internet gaming duo Game Grumps, who have accidentally landed in Madison's backyard from their hot air balloon. It's up to you to try and help them escape the party and get them back in time to their live show.



Ashley is Madison's sister. The relationship between these two is not the best, since Madison is always trying to pull a prank on her. You have the chance to help Madison pull a prank on her again, resulting in Ashley walking around the house in her panties only. When you do this, you can not do anything else with Ashley, since she will obviously hate you for that. But if you decide to help her clean her clothes (once the quest is unlocked) you can have her give you a "special treatment" if you catch my drift.



Brittney is sitting upstairs in the study room. She hides from the party since her new top appears to small for her bust size. Ashley reveals that she is a lesbian hinting at a possible interaction with Amy. Later on you'll get to know that she was spying at her female neighbor while changing. To make her leave the room you either can make Stephanie dance topless downstairs or "distract" her otherwise (dramatically worsening your relationship).



Dan, together with Arin, are the members of the internet gaming duo Game Grumps, who have accidentally landed in Madison's backyard from their hot air balloon. It's up to you to try and help them escape the party and get them back in time to their live show.



He is your friend from your high school's dungeons and dragons club and the only person you know at this party. He was invited since he hooked up with Madison a week before the party and needed your company to manage the arkward situation between him and Madison. He has many useful tipps for you and he claims to have "french fry nipples" (just to let you know ;-)).



Frank is one of the three males at the party. He is guarding the alcohol in the house, which makes it rather difficult to get it. If you get caught with some boze or trying to take some out of the shelf, he will immediately beat you down ending the game and you have to load or start all over again. Even though you can make use of a glitch or lock him away, you won't be able to take the alcohol at all. If you present him with a topless picture of Katherine, he will allow you to take one bottle of alcohol out of the shelf. Getting the Thermos for Rachael requires his trust, earned by handing over 6 bottles of beer or wine. From Derek you will get to know that he is bisexual leading to a potential "romance" between him and yourself.



Katherine is an intelligent person, has a master's degree in engineering and is always on her phone. She is waiting for her boyfriend to show up, but she mentions that they don't really get along well. If you want to get to business with her, "traditional" pick-up lines won't be helpful, show her your academic side. She has deep knowledge regarding technical matters like fixing the microwave or hacking phones. Mean people would say that she is the only reason why Stephanie passed her exams in school, but their relationship is kinda tense.



Leah is the most promising MMA student of Frank and his second-in-command. Loyal as she is, she didn't question Frank's order to restrict anybody from drinking alcohol even though she doesn't understand why. Being highly motivated and deep into fitness, she wants to open her own self-defense studio. As she was added in v.13 of the game, she hasn't a lot of content yet. Some cynical people claim that she was only added to test HouseParty's new ass engine :D



Ashley's Spanish tutor, she's never been to a house party before. You invite her to come via Ashley's computer in the study room. She's quite gullible and you must look out for her. She has a birthmark located on her lower back. You can also find a secret ending involving her and Rachael.



Madison is hosting this party and knows most of the people via school. Your first quest is to introduce yourself to her. She is Ashley's sister and always trying to pull a prank on her. According to her sister, she wants to be cool and hipster-like therefore is interested in something called "Sky Animals", a kind of astrology developed by native Americans. Having moved from Nevada, she searched for freedom, but now feels overwhelmed with the entire situation. Right from the beginning, you get to know that she lost her phone in the mastery bathroom opening up some interesting opportunities to go for. The mastery bedroom is her own room wherefore highly personal items like her diary are stored there.



The only reason why Patrick is at the party is that he is the cousin of Ashley and Madison. He is completely drunk and carries a bottle of wine with him, which can be retrieved when you make either Madison or Frank beating him down. He owns a smut side and gave his phone to Brittney to take care of it.



When Rachael entered the party with some alcohol in a Thermos, Frank took it away and locked it into the shelf he is guarding. After handing it back to her, you get to know about her glamerous friend and porn star Vickie Vixen and their ongoing challenge to dare each other via text messages. She has two tatoos, one of some flying birds on her right shoulder, the other one is a flower at her right wrist (only revealed when she is topless).



Stephanie is the friend of Madison and dances in the living room with the chimney. At the first glance she seems a little bit stupid, mainly due to her extensive drug consumption. She works at Chubbies, a sports bar with topless waitresses, but she hates her boss. Getting to know her closer, her experience with all kinds of drugs turned into deep medical insights which can be uncovered in the course of her story.


Vickie Vixen

A friend of Rachael who regularly competes in a series of dares with her. She is not present at the party and Derek isn't sure whether she was invited or not. Madison keeps her phone number in her mobile phone and tried to call her several times - without success. Having her and Rachael's phone number allows you to invite her to the party, she will appear outside in the garden. She also has her own DLC story "A Vickie Vixen Valentine" where you two break into Madison's and Ashley's home while they are away.