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Drunk and Disorderly - Stephanie is an opportunity for Stephanie. It is the final opportunity in Stephanie's "fucked up" path, and its completion unlocks the similarly named achievement Drunk and Disorderly: Stephanie.

Acquisition and Summary[]

After completing both I'm Not Whipped, Bro! and Let's Lower Some Inhibitions, find and acquire at least four Natty Lites from around the house. Give them to Stephanie (out of sight of both Frank and Leah) to complete the opportuntiy.


Stephanie will take Katherine's phone and use it to angrily quit her job at Chubbies. She will then head to the Hot Tub naked with the intent of skinny dipping. She will pass out in the Hot Tub, with Katherine quickly and angrily retrieving her phone from Stephanie.

Later, Stephanie will wake up missing teeth. She will later patch them up and continue her normal interactions and activities.