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I'm Not Whipped, Bro! is an opportunity for Stephanie. She wants to do whip-its to help her enjoy herself at the party more. It's completion or failure has potential impacts on your relationships with Stephanie, Katherine, and Brittney. It is required to unlock the achievement Drunk and Disorderly: Stephanie.

Acquisition and summary[]

Speak with Stephanie. After exchanging greetings, you can comment how she looks like she's having fun. She will reply that the party is okay, but she wants to do some whip-its (sic) (Opportunity discovered).


The location of the Whipped Cream in the fridge in the Kitchen.

Stephanie can explain what a whip-it is, being the nitrous oxide gas inhaled from compressed whipped cream containers. You can ask Derek for advice on where one would find the Whipped Cream, but he can only suggest the fridge in the Kitchen. On first glance, it will not be visible there, but through background chatter from Ashley, she can reveal that she hid the Whipped Cream in the back of the fridge. You will find it behind some other items in the Fridge.

Take the Whipped Cream, then give it to Stephanie. You may get a warning bubble indicating that you should consider this action carefully, as this will likely cause other opportunities to fail or be unavailable (specifically, Stephanie's Follow Your Calling, Meltdown, and Special Training opportunities, and helping Katherine to recover from her illness). Try to give the Whipped Cream to Stephanie again, and she will accept it (Opportunity complete, opportunity Let's Lower Some Inhibitions discovered).


While it is presented in in-game text as "whip-its", nitrous-oxide chargers used for recreational drug use are more commonly called "whippits" or "whippets".[1]