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This article is about the character. For the achievement of the same name, see Letícia (Achievement)

Katherine is a character in House Party. She is the subject of several opportunities, and can be involved in those for other characters as well. Completion of her storyline unlocks the achievement Katherine.

Background and Personality[]

America is like Britain but with Buttons You know that person in the group who’s really smart, but you have to think twice about if you’d actually want to bring them to a trivia night? That’s Katherine. She’s as intelligent as they come, and probably has a really bright future ahead of her, but those brains have made her very impatient of the mongoloids that she hangs out with. If you can crack through to her, maybe there’s a Katherine who’s worth getting to know. Otherwise, you could always go back to smashing rocks on your head and trying to grab the flames out of the fireplace, you idiot. character bio

Katherine is an intelligent but arrogant person, being valedictorian at her school with a master's degree in engineering, but speaking down to other guests while always using her phone.

She presents herself as a very self-assured, judgmental person, speaking down to or pedantically correcting others during conversation.

At some point in her life, she worked at a Blockbuster video rental store, boasting about how she "stole shit all the time."

Her personality may be related to a hostile and hateful home life; she can comment how her parents "hate-fucked" her into existence. She continues this aggressive lifestyle with her current boyfriend, commenting "We found real love in making each other miserable."

She attended this party, knowing Madison through school, planning only to make a brief appearance before leaving for a live event. However, her plan was curtailed when her boyfriend went to the event without her, still holding her ticket. Her primary opportunities at the party revolve around trying to enjoy her time at the party, or making her boyfriend jealous.

In-game actions[]

Katherine can serve as a source of advice or commentary that can affect the flow of the evening. Through her experiences with men, she can provide insight on how one can reduce an erection. Through her engineering background, she can assist with sending a spoofed text message or repair a broken kitchen appliance.

Katherine is also the character who provides the opportunity to bring the Game Grumps to the party, as well as possibly getting them out.

Character interactions[]

At some point, Amy may approach you and comment how Stephanie could use a push toward making a better life for herself, and suggests that using Katherine as a subject for a medical emergency would be funny, as Katherine had an obnoxious exchange with her earlier: "Just because you're Asian, doesn't mean you're smarter than me."

Later, Amy can take credit for sending Stephanie to "help" Katherine, even though Amy lacked confidence that Stephanie could actually help Katherine.

Ashley can refer to Katherine as a "cold-hearted", "stuck-up bitch", but stops shy of using Katherine in her prank plot against Madison, as she did not want Madison to end up on "some deep web bounty board."

If you ask Derek for help getting her alone, he can mention that he did not think anyone could "break through that wall of ice."

Frank has an unrequired crush on Katherine, which can be leveraged to acquire booze from him.


Katherine has several opportunities which can affect your relationship with her and other characters:

Katherine can also play a significant role in the following opportunities:

Walkthrough Katherine (v.0.13.3)[]

The rewards for this walkthrough are first trying some topless poses with Katherine and in the end, having sex with her.


  • Take the camera on the mirror shelf in the master bedroom.
  • Go to the SD card right to the laptop in the study room and press "use with", select the camera.
  • Inspect the empty vodka bottle in the shelf next to Frank. Tell him about it and then take it.
  • Take the Cucumber out of the fridge.
  • Go to the faucet in the kitchen next to the stove, click on "use with" and select empty Vodka bottle.
  • Go into the garage and take the cell phone jammer from the desk next to the power strip.
  • Go into the room where Stephanie is dancing and take the mysterious key laying on top of the chimney (don't get spotted by Derek or Madison).

Going for Katherine[]

Opportunities: "Katherine needs a drink" & "Look at this photograph"[]

  • Approach Katherine (either in the Kitchen or Outside)
  • Tell her that we use the word "need" outside its intended purpose, ask why she keeps looking at her phone, who could ever be mean to her and ask for a drink.
  • Ask her what kind of drink she likes.
  • Ask Frank whether he will guard the alcohol all night long and what he thinks about Katherine.
  • Approach Katherine and select all options except for the one with the glasses.
  • Tell Frank that you were chatting with Katherine and accept to hand over a topless pic of her.

Opportunity: "Katherines dilemma"[]

  • Tell Katherine about the deal.
  • Stand next to her, open the inventory by pressing "I", select the cell phone jammer and press "turn on" (She won't see you).
  • Wait for Katherine to complain and follow her anywhere in the house where you are alone.
  • Turn off the cell phone jammer again before she starts complaining again and ask her about taking a picture.
  • Tell her to strip off (need to select both options)
  • Tell her to pick any pose (except for removing her skirt. This will make her back out.)
  • Open the inventory with "I", select the camera and take at least one picture of her.
  • Tell her to take a break when finished.
  • Hand over the camera to Frank and take the rum about of the cabinet.

Opportunity: "Express yourself"[]

  • Hand over the rum to Katherine and ask about a 100% chance to get into her panties.
  • Press "P" in front of her and walk near every character at the house party.

Opportunity: "Katherine's "D"-mands"[]

  • Go back to her and approach her twice about the deal.
  • Follow her into the master bedroom and hand over the Cucumber.
  • Go out and on the way she will get naked (if not, lock the door, run outside and then come back).
  • When she is naked, give her the bottle of water and leave the room and lock the door.
  • When you listen at the door and you hear her Masturbating, remove all of your clothing with Y and open the door.==References==