Let's Lower Some Inhibitions is an opportunity for Stephanie. You have the chance to get her to loosen up and show some skin by giving her booze. It is required to unlock the achievement Drunk and Disorderly: Stephanie. It is also an option to complete Brittney's opportunity Breast Diversion to get her to come downstairs and join the party.

Acquisition and summary

Complete Stephanie's opportunity I'm Not Whipped, Bro! by giving Stephanie the can of Whipped Cream from the fridge (opportunity discovered). Stephanie will now accept two bottles of wine. When done, she needs to be convinced to dance topless.


Stephanie needs to be given two bottles of any wine. This includes the following items:

Item Location
Cabernet Dining Room, liquor cabinet
Chardonnay Laundry Room, closet
Merlot Dropped by Patrick after combat

Once given, you can ask Stephanie to dance topless. If she is currently inside near the fireplace, she will refuse, stating it is too cold. You can adjust the temperature by tampering with the Thermostat, found on the wall near the Garage door.

If you have set up the speaker to play music near the Hot Tub, and Stephanie is currently dancing outside, she will agree to dancing topless if asked.

Alternate method

Alternately, if you complete Stephanie's opportunities Follow Your Calling, Apply Pressure, and Meltdown successfully, this opportunity will be missed, but you can still ask Stephanie to dance topless. This will allow you to complete Brittney's Breast Diversion opportunity, but you cannot start Drunk and Disorderly - Stephanie using this path.

Next steps

After Stephanie is dancing topless, you can talk with Brittney to complete Breast Diversion to get her to come downstairs and join the party. If this opportunity was completed successfully, you can start on Stephanie's opportunity Drunk and Disorderly - Stephanie.

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