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The MP3 Player is an item in House Party.

General Information[]

The MP3 Player is used to change the in-game music instead of just listening to the default soundtrack on loop. It can be first found hanging from the upstairs chandelier above the front entrance.


  • Either take the broom from the closet in the upstairs art room or the dildo in Ashley's bedroom.
  • Use the broom or dildo with the MP3 Player hanging from the upstairs chandelier above the front entrance.
    • Note: If you first try reaching for it without using anything, you'll increase your strength stamina and receive an achievement.
  • Take the MP3 Player from the floor once it has fallen and it'll be in your inventory.
  • Use it with the media dock located in the dining room in front of the large TV. Now you'll have a choice of more music options which you can select on the screen: "FUNKBOX" by Popskyy, "Dreamer" by Fokushi, "Whip-its" by Treclar, "Chillax" by Kitanic Demon, and "Chocolate Chip Cookies" by Fletnyx.


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