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The Natty Lite is an item in House Party.


There are a total of 14 Natty Lites in the house, with six being hidden around the house by Patrick before Frank's arrival at the party, and eight more found in the liquor cabinet in the Dining Room, guarded by Frank.

Loose Natty Lite locations (as of Version 0.18.2 Stable)
Location Image
Study Room, under desk
Natty Lite Study Room.png
Downstairs Bathroom, next to toilet
Natty Lite in Downstairs Bathroom.jpg
Garage, on shelf
Natty Lite in Garage.jpg
Kitchen, behind microwave
Natty Lite in Kitchen.jpg
Master Bedroom, on hanging bookshelf
Natty Lite Bedroom.png
Upstairs Bathroom, behind laundry basket
Natty Lite Bathroom.png

NOTE: Previous versions of House Party had Natty Lites found behind a chair in the Dining Room and behind a Speaker in the Living Room.

The remaining Natty Lites can be looted from the liquor cabinet if Frank is either away from his post, knocked out, or concussed. If you loot too much booze from the liquor cabinet without Frank's approval, he will approach you about it. Depending on your relationship status and interactions with him to this point, he will either ask you to be vigilant to find the thief, or directly accuse you of being the thief and attack you.

If Leah sees you taking the booze from the liquor cabinet, she can also become hostile. This does not happen if Frank is at his post while concussed.


NOTE: If either Frank or Leah see you consuming or giving Natty Lite, you will be attacked.

Natty Lite can either be consumed directly or given to other characters for use in their opportunities. If consumed directly, you will gain +1 Drunk, +1 Strength, and +30 Bladder.

Character Opportunity Reaction / notes
Arin n/a While not related to Arin's opportunities, Arin can have a similar reaction to the various Drunk and Disorderly opportunities. Arin can be given up to three Natty Lites. Can unlock the achievement D-Club Certified.
Frank Frankly, I Don't Trust You To get Frank to trust you, you must give him at least six bottles of alcohol. Natty Lites can be used for this purpose.
Katherine Katherine Needs a Drink If Katherine is offered a Natty Lite, she will refuse it, stating that she only wants Rum.
Ashley Drunk and Disorderly - Ashley Four are required to complete this opportunity.
Madison Drunk and Disorderly - Madison Four are required to complete this opportunity.
Derek Memory Lane Can be given to Derek directly or through dialogue while Memory Lane is active. Five are required to complete this opportunity.
Stephanie Drunk and Disorderly - Stephanie Can be given to Stephanie after completion of her I'm Not Whipped, Bro! and Let's Lower Some Inhibitions opportunities. Four are required to complete this opportunity.
Patrick Training Day (optional) Given time, Patrick will take all the alcohol you give him. This can be used to get him drunk after sobering him up during Vickie's Training Day opportunity to get him to help defeat Frank.
Leah n/a Can be given one to receive a warning dialogue from her. Additional Natty Lites given to her will make her attack you.


Natty Lite is a reference to Natural Light, an economy brand 4.2% ABV reduced-calorie pale lager introduced in 1977.