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Patrick is a character in House Party.

The only reason why Patrick is at the party is that he is the cousin of Ashley and Madison. He is completely drunk and carries a bottle of wine with him, which can be retrieved when you make either Madison or Frank beating him down. Being the "C-E-Bro" of made him both, rich and hated (for example by Rachael). As he has a very peaceful character, he is concerned about getting befriended with Rachael again.

Walkthrough Patrick (v.0.13.1)[]


- Get six bottles of boze (either wine or Natty Lite): living room, chimney room, garage, master bedroom, laundry room, study room or upstairs bathroom.

- Get the painkillers from the master bathroom behind the door.

- Broom

Going for Patrick[]

Opportunities: "Patty's Striking Resemblance", "Get the Man Some Drugs!" & "Story Time with Patrick"[]

- Get near to Patrick and Rachael.

- Approach Patrick after the fight and hand over the painkillers.

- Approach him again, ask about Rachael and tell that you have a lot of time.

- You can either listen to he whole story or ask him to wrap it up; it doesn't make a difference in the progress.

- Tell Patrick that "grease somebody's palm" means bribing another person (if you lie, Rachael will beat him down and he hates you for the rest of the night).

- Agree to take care of Rachael.

Opportunities: "Genie in a Brahttle", "Hunt for Red's Thermos" & "Frankly I don't Trust you"[]

- Approach Rachael and tell her that everything is cool.

- Approach her again, ask whether she enjoys herself at the party and offer to talk to Frank.

- Approach Frank and tell him your completely sober, why he steals from girls and that you can check the Thermos.

- Hand over six bottles of alcohol and offer to sniff at the thermos.
--Note: If you want to get Stephanie drunk to get her topless, don't give Frank the wine or chardonnay and only the 6 bottles of Natty Lite.

- Go to the cabinet and smell at the Thermos (don't take it!).

- Talk to Frank about the Thermos and lie that there is water inside (no benefit if telling the truth).

- Hand over the Thermos to Rachael and tell her that you aren't afraid of Frank (Frank should not listen).

Opportunity: "Turnt Up"[]

- Approach her again, ask how to make this party less lame-ass, that you love this wording and that this is the first party.

- Tell Patrick that Rachael dislikes Madison's music selection.

- Go upstairs and click on the MP3 Player hanging from the chandelier and "use with" the broom so that the MP3 Player drops down and you can take it.
--Note: If you first try reaching for it without the broom, you'll increase your strength stamina.

- - Don't try to do this before talking to Patrick because this will make Rachael angry.

- Approach Patrick, talk about that old-ass MP3 player and offer to solve the soundtrack situation.

- Click on "use with" at the media dock in front of the TV (in the room where Frank sits) and plug in the MP3 player.

- Approach Patrick and ask what kind of music this is.

Opportunity: "Cloud of Mystery"[]

- Approach Rachael, tell her that Patrick of course not made you get closer to her and that you just want to make her night more enjoyable.

- Tell Patrick that Rachael is a huge tree hugger and ask to describe the award.

- Rummage the trash in the kitchen next to the fridge.

- Open your inventory by pressing "I" and "peruse" the Money Makers Monthly.

- Approach Patrick and tell him that he won the award for saving an entire village.

- Approach Rachael and hand over the Money Makers Monthly.

- Tell Patrick that you've shown the magazine to Rachael and that he shouldn't give up on her.

- Wait for Patrick to get behind the pavilion and get close to him.

- Tell him that this is a good looking fuckpole, ask where he is getting at and and decide to either blow him or talk thin through jerking off.

- - As of now, blowing him has no animation and results in bugs.

- - When decided to talk him down his jerking off, select the following options:

- - - Alright, lets do this.

- - - I sure am, you grubby, disgusting duck-hole!

- - - Your dick is the smallest dick I've ever seen!

- - - The only reason for you being here is your sexy cousins.

- - - You will never know the love of another person!

- - - Erm, aborted as a ch-no, fuck that's too dark...

- - - Shit I can't think of any more!

- - - You're the reason we can't be on twich.

- After that you will get the key and can open the briefcase.

Opportunity: "Patty's Striking Resemblance." Achievement: "A Striking Resemblance"

- Open the briefcase and converse with Compubrah.

- Talk with Patrick and give him back the briefcase.

- Follow Patrick and listen to his conversation with Rachel.


During idle dialog, Patrick might sing his "brahsion" of the beginning of Bartender Song (Sittin' At A Bar) by Rehab