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Scavenger Hunt is the name of Amy's primary relationship opportunity. It ties into relationships and interactions with the other characters, and can result in two different standings in your relationship with Amy. Its completion will grant the achievement Amy: Scavenger Hunt, while its failure can lead to the opportunity Chasing Amy, whose completion unlocks the achievement Amy.

Acquisition and summary[]

Speak with Amy. Tell her it's nice to meet her, then comment that she looks pretty pensive. She will tell you that she is trying to join a sorority, and needs to complete a scavenger hunt by tomorrow. Offer to help (Opportunity Scavenger Hunt discovered).

To allow her to join her sorority, Amy must collect several items tonight. The items, in order, are:

  • Someone else's expired Credit Card
  • A Condom given by a stranger
  • A shirt off the back of her closest friend
  • A pair of women's panties, taken off of someone.
  • A photo of someone wearing the American Flag
  • A selfie wearing Goodbye Kitty underwear
  • A photo of herself skinny dipping with two other people

Credit Card[]

Speak with Amy again and let her know you're ready to help with the first item: someone's expired credit card.

Madison's expired Credit Card as shown in the Inventory

Madison has idle chatter about how bad she is with keeping expired things, then mentions she put an expired credit card in her desk drawer rather than destroying or discarding it.

The Credit Card is located in the right-hand drawer of the computer desk in the Living Room. If Derek or Madison catch you taking it, you will be attacked. To get them to leave the room:

  • After meeting Amy, then asking Derek about her, Derek can be asked to leave the room by telling him that Amy wants to see him.
  • After meeting Ashley, Madison can be asked to leave by telling her Ashley needs to see her.
  • [Update, v.0.19.0 (Alpha 12/24/2020)) Both Madison and Derek can be directly asked to move to a different location around the house, depending on your social standing with them.

NOTE: While the Credit Card is used in Amy's Scavenger Hunt opportunity, it does not need to be started to get the Credit Card.

After you acquire the Credit Card, make sure that Madison is not nearby and you can give it to Amy (Opportunity Scavenger Hunt updated).

You got Amy an expired credit card. Not too risque after all. Well, not for someone with your ethics. Maybe her next request will be a bit more interesting... -Opportunity description



The Condom as shown in your Inventory

Reenter conversation with Amy and ask about the next list item. She will ask for a condom from a stranger. By asking the guys at the party, you will learn that Frank has one. However, when asked, he will misunderstand your question as a sexual advance.

Speak with Derek and ask whether Frank is gay. He will say that Frank is more likely bisexual, then state that Frank is likely confused about your intentions. You will then have three paths you can take. If you say that you're trying to get into Amy's pants, he will be offended and attack you. If you confess your interest in Frank, then Derek will advise you to work that out with Frank. If you deny being attracted to Frank, he will advise you to make that clear to Frank.

Tell Derek you are attracted to Frank[]

Early in the game, the faster route is to say you are attracted to Frank. After you're done speaking with Derek, speak with Frank and confess your feelings to him. He will state that, while you can't be together, he has a way to help you get your mind off of him. Allow him to direct you, and he will then lead you to the sideyard and perform fellacio on you. After you climax, he will give you the condom.

NOTE: If Amy sees you receiving fellacio from Frank, she will be shocked and will be unwilling to continue the scavenger hunt after receiving the condom.

Tell Derek you are not attracted to Frank[]

Alternately, if you already have a close relationship with a woman at the party, then you can tell Derek that you are not attracted to Frank. You can then get to a point where you are about to perform a sexual act in an open room with a woman (i.e.: unlocked. This disqualifies Madison at the conclusion of The Muse, Rachael during Dare Interference, and Katherine ever).

Before you do so, see Frank and state that you saw someone with alcohol. Agree to assist in a sting operation with them, and he will wait for one minute then come find you. When he sees you in congress with the woman, he will express his shock and return to his chair in the living room. You can then ask if he still thinks you're gay, and he will concede and give you the condom.

Knock Frank out[]

If Frank is unconscious while you are searching for the Condom, you can loot it from him. You can knock Frank out in one of two ways:

  • Defeat him in combat
  • During Stephanie's Apply Pressure opportunity, lock the downstairs bathroom door before Katherine rushes to it. She will demand that Frank break the door down; he will attempt to do so with his head, giving himself a concussion (see Achievement: Do You Smell Blood?).

When you have the condom, you can give it to Amy to complete this phase of her opportunity (Opportunity Scavenger Hunt updated).

You gave Amy a condom. Unused. Not like that other time. Check in with her again to see what other unused stuff she needs for her sorority quest. -Opportunity description

Derek's Shirt[]

Derek's Shirt as shown in the Invntory

In the third phase of the opportunity, Amy tells you she needs the shirt off her closest male friend. At this party, that is Derek.

Ask Derek for his shirt. He refuses, citing shyness. Tell him that everyone wants to see him shirtless, and that there's a petition being circulated.

Go to the Living Room computer and select "Create Petition". Then select the Printer next to it and select "Print Petition". Take the Petition that it produces.

After you have acquired the Petition, ask every member of the party to sign it. Most will agree to see Derek shirtless, but some need to be convinced through other means.

Petition signature responses
Character Correct reason Wrong reason result
Amy Sign this if you want Derek's shirt {Cannot fail}
Ashley It's for Derek to take off his shirt. Marijuana is already legal in this jurisdiction.
Brittney It's a Free The Nipple campaign. Brittney is a lesbian. She has no interest in seeing Derek shirtless.
Frank It's for re-establishing prohibition. Not interested.
Katherine It's to castrate all men so they can think more clearly. Not interested.
Leah It's for Derek to take off his shirt. Supporting the homeless would harm Leah and Frank's junkyard gym enterprise.
Madison It's for Derek to take off his shirt. Only Madison gets to play pranks on Ashley.
Patrick It's one of those surprise petitions. We mail you the results and you find out what you supported. Derek shirtless would likely ruin Patrick's chances with the ladies.
Rachael It's for Derek to take off his shirt. As much as she might dislike Frank, she can't fault him for standing behind his principles.
Stephanie Oh it's just a signature contest. Best-looking signature wins. Derek losing his shirt would take the party's attention away from Stephanie.
Vickie It's for Derek to take off his shirt. {Cannot fail}

NOTE: Lety, Dan, and Arin cannot be asked to sign the Petition.

After you have gathered at least seven signatures, give the completed Petition to Derek. He will hand you his shirt and go for the rest of the game shirtless. Give the shirt to Amy (Scavenger Hunt updated).

Thanks to you, Derek is now shirtless, and Amy is one stop closer to finishing her Scavenger Hunt! What could be Amy's next request?... -Opportunity description


Acquire either Vickie's Panties or Ashley's Panties, then give them to Amy (Opportunity Scavenger Hunt updated).

You consensually (sic) and gracefully acquired some panties and gave them to Amy. Looks like she's deep in thought. Her next request might be a doozy. -Opportunity description

Decision Point[]

At this point, the next time you ask Amy about scavenger hunt items, she will question whether she should continue.

You can end the opportunity here by discouraging her from continuing. This will open a path for a deeper relationship with Amy (see below Alternate Path (Chasing Amy)), but will miss the Scavenger Hunt opportunity and prevent the unlocking of the achievement Amy: Scavenger Hunt.

If you instead encourage her to continue with the scavenger hunt, the opportunity will continue (Opportunity Scavenger Hunt updated, Amy Friendship increase, Romance decrease).

Being the classy individual you are, you convinced Amy to continue her Scavenger Hunt. It's time to see what she needs next! -Opportunity description

The flag of the United States of America, for reference

American flag clothing[]

Amy now needs a photo of someone wearing the American flag as clothing.

Brittney is wearing underwear inspired by the American flag. To discover this, she must get into the hot tub in your presence. Complete the following steps:

  • Meet Brittney
    • Ask her why she is staying in the Study. Tell her her top looks great.
    • Talk to Brittney again about staying in this room, and she will say she doesn't want to be the center of attention.
  • Get Stephanie to dance topless. She will be open to this after you complete either I'm Not Whipped, Bro! and Let's Lower Some Inhibitions for Stephanie to get her buzzed enough (the faster route), or Follow Your Calling, Apply Pressure, and Meltdown, to convince her that she should stay sober and focus on school.
  • Collect the Broom from the Art Room closet and a Speaker from the Fireplace room (NOTE: If Derek or Madison see you taking the Speaker, you will be attacked).
  • Use the Broom with the Mound of Dirt behind the spa, then use the Speaker on the Broom, then Turn On the Speaker.
  • Tell Stephanie that you set up the speaker in the backyard.
  • Tell Brittney that Stephanie is dancing topless downstairs and she will join her.
  • After Brittney has made her way to Stephanie next to the spa, suggest that she lounge in the hot tub. Watch her closely and see her American flag underwear.
  • Tell Amy about Brittney's American flag panties (Scavenger Hunt updated)

You helped Amy get a star-spangled snap for her Insta! Time to see how much Amy appreciates a fellow Patriot... -Opportunity description

Goodbye Kitty underwear[]

Ask Amy about the next scavenger hunt item. She will tell you she needs a photo of herself wearing Goodbye Kitty underwear (see Trivia below).

  • Speak with Madison and comment how she appears to be a fan of Goodbye Kitty, and that your sister was a huge fan. She will tell you she has some of the underwear in storage. Tell her your sister will be happy to hear about it.
  • Head to the Garage and Rummage through the Orange Bin under the Motor Oil. Collect the Goodbye Kitty underwear.
    • NOTE: If Ashley sees you taking them, she will have Frank attack you.
  • Give the Goodbye Kitty underwear to Amy. Wait for her to go upstairs to change (Opportunity Scavenger Hunt updated).
    • NOTE: You have the option of loitering in the upstairs Bathroom while Amy changes into the Goodbye Kitty underwear. She will comment her approval (this will complete Scavenger Hunt and lead to Opportunity Epilogue).

You gave Amy Madison's old panties that you stole. She was very pleased, as anyone would be. Time for the next step in the Scavenger Hunt! -Opportunity description

Skinny Dip photo[]

The final item Amy needs for the scavenger hunt is a photo of herself skinny dipping with at least two other people. After offering your own services, she asks you to find a third person to join you.

NOTE: While Stephanie can be lead to skinny dipping in the Hot Tub through her Drunk and Disorderly opportunity, she merely strips naked, then passes out in the tub. She later wakes up and leaves the Hot Tub, meaning she cannot be used for this opportunity.

Brittney (Truth or Dare)[]

If you haven't done so yet, ask Brittney what she thinks of Amy. Brittney will tell you that she thinks Amy is adorable. Tell Brittney that you bet that you can get Amy naked in the hot tub if Brittney does it first. Brittney is skeptical, but willing to get naked if Amy does so first.

Inform Amy of the development and she will say that Brittney needs to get naked first before she strips herself. Send Amy to the hot tub, as you have a plan.

Get into the hot tub (Boxers are optional at this point), and start a game of Truth or Dare.

Starting with Amy, alternate between the two, asking questions that lead them to being sexier with each other:

Truth or Dare question order and responses
Amy Have you ever made out with another woman? Brittney will be aroused
Brittney Have you ever kissed another woman? Brittney hints that she has kissed Stephanie before.
Amy Where is your favorite place to be kissed? (No obvious influence)
Brittney Tell us about a secret crush you've had in the past. (No obvious influence)
Amy Who at this party would you most like to see naked? She responds with Brittney, adding a compliment about her breast. Brittney is flushed.
Brittney I dare you to take your top off. Brittney takes off her top.
Amy I dare you to take your top off. Amy takes off her top.
Brittney I dare you to take your bottoms off. Brittney takes off her top.
Amy I dare you to take your bottoms off. Amy takes off her bottoms.

There is a question you can ask Amy about her first impressions of you. While it doesn't appear to have a negative impact on the completion of the opportunity or your relationship with her, it also does not apparently help.

NOTE: If you ask Amy about one rule she would make, she will confess that she wants to complete the scavenger hunt. Brittney will be offended and leave.

If you haven't already, stand up, take your Boxers off, then sit back down in the Hot Tub. Then ask Amy whether she should take a photo right now (Opportunity Scavenger Hunt complete).

Vickie (Training Day)[]

If you prefer, or if you lost your option to skinny dip with Brittney, Vickie is also open to skinny dipping in the Hot Tub. Complete her Training Day opportunity and remove her panties. Then, while she's naked in the Hot Tub, tell Amy that there is a "photo op" at the Hot Tub. Join them in the Hot Tub, remove your Boxers, then, while both you and Vickie are naked in the Hot Tub, tell Amy that they are just waiting on her. She will then remove her clothes and snap the photo (Opportunity Scavenger Hunt complete).

Nice job, super sleuth, you finished the Scavenger Hunt! Time to chat Amy up and see if she's in the mood for anything else... -Opportunity description

Opportunity Epilogue[]

Now that Amy has completed the scavenger hunt, she heads upstairs and she starts to express her confusion about her feelings. You can take three paths on this conversation:

  • Make an inappropriate comment or a joke and Amy will cut off the conversation.
  • Suggest that maybe being open is something she enjoys, but she should make her own choices. She will contemplate her identity and values alone and fully clothed for the rest of the party.
  • Minimize the gravitas of nudity or suggest that maybe being open is something she enjoys, and that she should not be ashamed of herself. Amy will spend the rest of the party topless and possibly pantsless (Achievement Amy: Scavenger Hunt unlocked).

Alternate Path (Chasing Amy)[]

When Amy questions whether she should continue with the Scavenger Hunt, encourage her "Keep [her] dignity" and end the search (Opportunity Scavenger Hunt failed, Opportunity Chasing Amy discovered).

If you haven't already, ask Derek about Amy. He will tell you she likes the band Panic! at the Disco. Mention this to Amy, then comment that they are not your favorite band.

Speak with Amy again and ask what she plans to do now that she's decided against the sorority. She comments how she wants to sit by the fire and reminisce of drinking hot chocolate in her old home. Agree to join her.

Getting Hot Chocolate[]

  • Inspect the Microwave in the Kitchen. Ask Katherine whether she can help fix the Microwave.
  • While you wait for Katherine, collect the Mug from the Kitchen cabinet and the Chocolate Bar from the shelf in the Study Room.
  • Use the Mug with the faucet in the kitchen to get Water in Mug.
  • Use the Chocolate with the Water In Mug to get Chocolate & Water In Mug.
  • After Katherine informs you the Microwave is fixed, use the Chocolate & Water In Mug with the Microwave. A few seconds later, open the Microwave to collect the Hot Chocolate.

Flirting with Amy[]

After she sits by the fire in the backyard, give her the Hot Chocolate.

Speak with Amy and comment that the fire is really relaxing. Tell her you look for company with interesting people like her, then say you just want to get to know her better. Comment that "It's not about where you are, it's about who you are." Then, ask whether you should seek out a more secluded area. Finish the conversation and she will lead you to the Spare Room.

Alone with Amy[]

NOTE: To get the greatest reward with Amy (repeatable sex), you need Acquaintances-level Friendship and Love-level Romance with her. If you completed the opportunity The Muse with Madison and got on Derek's shit list, he will bad-mouth you to Amy. This is not recoverable in-game, so complete this opportunity before doing that one if you want.

Meet Amy in the Spare Room. Ask Amy if you should have a little fun. Ask her to stand up. Then ask to get a look at her breasts. Then ask her to take her pants off. Then ask to see what's beneath her panties.

From here, you can request a make-out, fellacio, cunnilingus, or intercourse.

NOTE : Amy's available actions are dependent on her Romance level with you

Amy's available private actions with given Romance level
Romance Value Indicator Make-out Naked Fellacio Cunnilingus Intercourse
10+ Love Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
9 Lust No
8 No
7 No
<=6 Interested No

During intercourse, if you change positions to either doggy or missionary positions, grab on her breasts. She will ask you to talk dirty to her. Tell her you want to explore her perfect tits. This will cause her orgasm meter to shoot up to almost full level. Through this and cunnilingus, you can have her climax multiple times before you do (Opportunity Chasing Amy completed, Achievement Amy unlocked).

Amy's jealousy[]

Spending private time with Amy is repeatable, but she is sensitive to seeing you being intimate with anyone else. Avoid being seen by her with anyone else to maintain your relationship status with her.


  • The opportunity name Chasing Amy is a reference to the 1997 Kevin Smith film of the same name.
  • Madison's Goodbye Kitty underwear is a reference to the Sanrio character Hello Kitty.
  • Even though you have to give Amy the Condom to reach the point where you can have sex with her, during the act, it is not used.