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This article is about the character. For the similarly named achievement, see Stephanie (Achievement)

Stephanie is a character in House Party. She can be found dancing in the living room next to the speakers.

She is the quintessential party-girl, enjoying dancing, drugs, and sex. At the first glance she seems a little bit air-headed, mainly due to her extensive drug consumption. She works at Chubbies, a sports bar with topless waitresses, but she hates her boss. Getting to know her closer, her experience with all kinds of drugs turned into deep medical insights which can be uncovered in the course of her story.

Background and Personality[]

Stephanie comes from something of a broken home, with her parents having divorced after her father was discovered taking "sex vacations with his secretary." Even so, with her father owning a hardware store, Stephanie is well cared for, almost to the point of being spoiled.

Stephanie claims to have copied other students' work during grade school, including Madison. She credits her cheating as the only thing that allowed her to pass math, history, science, and English classes.

Her father forced her to get a job "so she’d at least know what working life was like." She is currently working at Chubbies as a waitress, and dislikes the tactless customers and her misogynistic and harassing boss Mort.

She has experimented with various drugs, commenting on using an eye drop bottle as a blotter for homemade LSD, acrylic paint reminding her of her paint huffing days, snorting crushed painkillers mixed with "any horse tranquilizer you may have laying around," and nitrous oxide from compressed cans of whipped cream.

Her desire to discover new ways and means of getting high led to her gaining a significant amount of knowledge on the human body. During the party, her replies to questions or comments on events around her can reveal deep knowledge of medicine and anatomy, as well as a natural desire to help those in need.

Events and Character Interactions[]

Brittney is attracted to Stephanie; at some point in the past, Brittney and Stephanie got drunk and made out with each other all night. Stephanie dismisses this as drunken revelry, while Brittney is hoping for it to happen again.

Derek sees that Stephanie has "a taste for whatever gets her fucked up quick," but recognizes that she has a deeper talent and considerable knowledge. He worries that her drug use will be harmful to her future success. Stephanie also knows about Derek's situation with his brother, and was witness to Derek's breakdown regarding a recent loss.

Katherine has little to no patience for Stephanie, seeing her as a strung-out idiot. Through in-game events, this opinion can be changed or reinforced. Stephanie, on the other hand, sees Katherine as exceptionally smart, and is willing to help Katherine during a possible medical emergency.

Stephanie is uncomfortable around Patrick, as Patrick tends to ogle her breasts while she is dancing. This is notable, as Stephanie can state that she desires the attention to her body while dancing, and expresses frustration when she is not the center of attention.

Arin can have a conversation where he tries to clear up Stephanie's misunderstanding of the nature of the Game Grumps' show "The 10 Minute Power Hour".


Stephanie has two primary paths she can take, depending on whether she gets intoxicated through the night.

Fucked up Sober
I'm Not Whipped, Bro! Follow Your Calling
Let's Lower Some Inhibitions Apply Pressure
Drunk and Disorderly - Stephanie Meltdown
Special Tutoring

Completing Stephanie's opportunity Apply Pressure requires the discovery of, then later failure of, Katherine's opportunity Katherine Needs a Drink.

Stephanie can also be a source of funds to acquire a quest item in Ashley's opportunity The Candyman Can!

Walkthrough Stephanie (v.0.13.1)[]

The rewards for this walkthrough are first getting Stephanie to dance topless and in the end, having sex with her (repeatable).


  • Get the painkillers in the master bathroom right behind the door.
  • Get the gut grip from the master bathroom next to the toilet.
  • Get the camera in the master bedroom on the mirror table next to the window.
  • Get the laxatives in the closet in the master bedroom (in the shelf next to the door).
  • Get the cell phone jammer from the garage (on the table at the end of the room, don't get spotted by Madison or Derek).
  • Get the SD card from the study room right to the laptop on the table.
  • Insert the SD card into the camera by clicking on "use with".
  • Go outside behind the chimney and get the fast food bag next to the AC unit.
  • Go to the cabinet next to Frank and inspect the empty vodka bottle.
  • Tell Frank that its empty and take it.
  • Go into the kitchen to the faucet and select "use with" empty vodka bottle.
  • Get the mysterious key on top of the chimney.

Going for Stephanie[]

Opportunity: "I'm not whipped, Bro" & "Get the man some drugs"[]

  • Approach Stephanie and select every conversation topic except for the obviously mean ones.
  • Approach Katherine and tell her that we use the word "need" outside its intended purpose, ask her why she looks at the phone, then who could ever by mean to her and finally ask about Stephanie.
  • Approach Patrick and give him the painkillers when he is in the chimney room (so that Stephanie can see you two).

Opportunities non: "Follow your calling", "Apply pressure" & "Katherine needs a drink"[]

  • Approach Stephanie and she will talk to you about Patrick.
  • Select the new conversation options except for the obviously mean ones.
  • Ask Katherine whether she wants to drink something.
  • Go to Frank and tell him that you're sober.
  • Ask him whether he will guard the alcohol the whole nights and what he thinks about Katherine.
  • Go back to Katherine and ask her what drink she likes.
  • Tell her that Frank has a crush on her and that he is guarding all the alcohol.

Opportunities: "Look at this photograph" & "Katherine's dilemma"[]

  • Tell Frank that you were chatting with Katherine and accept the deal.
  • Call your inventory by pressing "I" when being next to Katherine and turn on the cell phone jammer.
  • When Katherine entered an empty room, turn off the cell phone jammer (so she won't leave the room anymore), close the door and tell her about the deal with Frank.
  • Approach her again and ask her to take the picture now.
  • Tell her two times to take the top off and select any pose.
  • Take a picture by calling your inventory by pressing "I", select the camera option "take picture" and take at least one.
  • Tell her to take a break now and hand over the camera to Frank.
  • Take the rum out of the cabinet.
  • Go to a place where nobody can see you and use the rum with the laxatives.
  • Hand over the tampered rum to Katherine (Not in front of Leah).
  • Talk to her, she will talk to you later.
  • Leave her alone and wait until she shouts through the house that she needs some fresh air.
  • Wait again until she needs to go to the bathroom and you have heard the door lock sound.
  • Approach Stephanie, tell her about Katherine and that she had a drink making her sick.
  • Listen to the conversation.

Opportunity: "Meltdown"[]

  • Wait a few moments and then go to the painting room and approach Stephanie.
  • Hand over the fast food bag to her.
  • Wait for her to run downstairs and follow the conversation.
  • Wait until she ran upstairs into the painting room again and approach her.
  • Ask what she is doing here and that she acts weird.
  • Click on her, select the option "take bag", smell it and tell her to stop it now.
  • Screen will fade black and Katherine will be well again.

Opportunity: "Special anatomy"[]

  • After the conversation, approach Stephanie and tell her that you are ready now.
  • She will follow you, go into the master bedroom and lock the door.
  • Approach her and talk about lesson 1. Don't approach her after the conversation, it takes some time until she talks about lesson 2.
  • When you receive the blowjob, click on her and take her panties off to fuck her.

General quest notes[]

· Recommended to finish early, as it has low requirements to finish and doesn’t block many other quests.

· It is NOT possible to win over both Katherine and Stephanie. It is neither or one of them.

· Choosing Katharine blocks having sex with Amy, since the interest level will be too low. Blowjob will still be available though.

· Choosing Stephanie blocks the quest Smooth operator Madison. Shouldn’t matter when going for the optimal playthrough.

Dont's for the playthrough with Stephanie[]

· Do not give stephanie Whipped Cream or Wine, this will prevent the quest from completing when going for her instead of Katherine.

· Don’t lock the toilet-door for Katherine to knock out Frank, this will prevent the Leah quest line (and the romance) from completing and doesn’t have good benefits.